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Douglas County Health Equity: Voices from Our Community Report Released

Conversations illuminate residents’ experiences of prejudice and racism, and lived experiences with the social determinants of health.

Center alumna Marvia Jones named director of Kansas City Health Department

We couldn’t be prouder of Dr. Marvia Jones, who is taking the helm as the Director of the KCMO Health Department February 14. 

ThrYve Helping Improve Transit Options for Underserved Youth in Kansas City

"This project is a collaboration between the The University of Kansas, the Kansas City Public Library, KC Digital Drive, Thryve KC, Keystone Innovations and numerous community organizations, such as schools, mobility providers and local governments.

Progress Toward a Multisectoral Community Intervention Approach to Prevention of the Word Gap

Congratulations to Charles R. Greenwood, Judith J. Carta, Alana G.

Drs. Jomella Watson-Thompson, Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, and Richard Rakos' compelling editorial addressing systemic issues that underlie societal well-being

Kudos to Drs. Jomella Watson-Thompson, Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, and Richard Rakos on this compelling editorial paying homage to the history of - and making a case for the criticality of furthering - behavioral community psychology to address systemic issues that underlie societal well-being.

Founding Director Dr. Stephen Fawcett shares his journey over nearly 50 years

“A Reflection on Community Research and Action as an Evolving Practice” was just published in the special issue of Behavioral Community Psychology Behavioral and Social Issues. The focus is on three types of influence, and highlights the nature of the field’s evolution.

KU Center Appraises Douglas County's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

A new paper by researchers at the Center for Community Health and Development, an academic health department within the University of Kansas 

KU Awarded $1 million to Help Connect Underrepresented KC Youths With ‘Out-of-School’ Opportunities

A team led by KU researchers has received a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to help underrepresented Kansas City youths connect with transportation services for enriching out-of-school opportunities. KU is partnering with a number of organizations on the project, including the…

ThrYve Partnering in KU Grant Awarded to Study Transportation Needs for Underrepresented Youths in KC Area

The University of Kansas has received a federal planning grant for a project aimed at helping Kansas City leaders figure out how to connect underserved teens to out-of-school activities and opportunities. Under the guidance of Dr.

REVIVE: A collaboration to help reduce youth violence

REVIVE, or Reducing the Effects of Violence through Intervention and Victim Empowerment, is a collaboration among the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime, Wyandotte County Community Correc

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