Capacity Building Trainings

Young hands cupping a seedling with dirt.

Trainings from our team

The KU Center for Community Health and Development provides information and training in the fields of community health and development, online and in person, via training workshops.

People taking action need skills in core areas including assessment, planning, advocacy, evaluation, and sustainability. The KU Center for Community Health and Development has decades of experience teaching and stimulating use of basic community competencies; online, and through in-person workshops, webinars, and classes.

In-Person Workshops & Trainings

  • Workshops are highly interactive, featuring turn-to-your-partner and group activities


  • Web-based trainings can be held individually or as part of a series

Online Courses

Conference Sessions

  • Experienced presenters deliver guidance for larger audiences

Community Change Academy

  • Intensive (often 3 to 5 day) training in core processes for change and improvement


  • Experienced staff equip others to deliver field-tested trainings and curricula

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