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Working together to transform environments and conditions to assure health and well-being for all.

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Supporting community health and development through collaborative research and evaluation, teaching and training, and technical support and capacity building.

Recent Highlights

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Progress Toward a Multisectoral Community Intervention Approach to Prevention of the Word Gap

Congratulations to Charles R. Greenwood, Judith J. Carta, Alana G.
Photo of Jomella Watson Thompson, Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, and Richard Rakos.

Drs. Jomella Watson-Thompson, Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, and Richard Rakos' compelling editorial addressing systemic issues that underlie societal well-being

Kudos to Drs. Jomella Watson-Thompson, Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, and Richard Rakos on this compelling editorial paying homage to the history of - and making a case for the criticality of furthering - behavioral community psychology to address systemic issues that underlie societal well-being.
Current photo of Steve Fawcett on the left, with a 1975 photo of him on the right.

Founding Director Dr. Stephen Fawcett shares his journey over nearly 50 years

“A Reflection on Community Research and Action as an Evolving Practice” was just published in the special issue of Behavioral Community Psychology Behavioral and Social Issues. The focus is on three types of influence, and highlights the nature of the field’s evolution.
Image of Christina Holt, Steve Fawcett, Ruaa Hassaballa, Dan Partridge, and Sonia Joran.

KU Center Appraises Douglas County's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

A new paper by researchers at the Center for Community Health and Development, an academic health department within the University of Kansas 


The Center for Community Health and Development offers a variety of services to support the work of promoting community health and development.

Community Check Box Evaluation System

A web-based recording, measurement, and reporting tool for community work that helps practitioners document their community change efforts and share success stories with funders and other stakeholders.
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Our Center provides support and evaluation services for local, state, national, and international initiatives.
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Community Tool Box Training Curriculum

Our center has developed a training curriculum based on the Community Tool Box that outlines 16 competencies for promoting community health and development.
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Capacity Building Trainings

People taking action need skills in core areas including assessment, planning, advocacy, evaluation, and sustainability.
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Community Health Assessment and Planning

Our center employs a multi-method, collaborative approach to assessing community needs and resources.
Change barometer.

Facilitation of Community Processes

Our experience includes small and large group facilitation, including coalition meetings, board retreats, town hall meetings/ listening sessions, focus groups, PhotoVoice initiatives, and collaborative community planning.
Row of whiteboards in a classroom, with sticky notes on them for things like "Access to Health Care" and "Mental Health Recognition and Treatment."

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The Community Tool Box is about empowering people with tools to change our world. Visit the Tool Box to discover thousands of pages of tips and tools for taking action on issues that matter.

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