Julian Fisher

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  • Fellow, World Health Organization Collaborating Centre


Background and Professional Interests

An experienced policy advisor and researcher based in both Germany (Hannover) and Switzerland (Geneva). Special focus; i. global health advocacy, ii. health policy and systems research and iii. health workforce education.

Work experience in a diverse range of professional environments and geographical locations, covering Europe, Tanzania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Falkland Islands and Antarctica within various sectors and organizations, including international public health policy and advocacy, health profession (federation) management, undergraduate and post graduate education, both classroom and web based.

Currently a member of:

  1. World Health Organization Technical Advisory Group for the National Health Workforce Accounts;
  2. World Health Organization steering committee and co-ordinating editor, curator and developer of WHO eBook on the Social Determinants of Health;
  3. WHO Steering Committee for Promoting and Adapting Health in All Policies Trainings;
  4. WHO Technical Working Group (TWG) for health workforce assessment tools.
Research Interests
  1. Lifelong learning systems / professional, technical and vocational education
  2. Adapting Health in all policies training for health workforce education and training
  3. Integrating social determinants into health workforce education and training
  4. Elearning and use of social media in health workforce education

Recent publications and reports:

Description of main areas of work:

  1. Through partnerships and cooperation, including the WHO Global Health Workforce Network, support the implementation of immediate actions of the High Level Commission of Health Employment and Economic Growth, with a focus on;

    1. research on lifelong learning systems (intersectoral planning; SDG 3 SDG 4)
    2. Social accountability framework for professional, vocational technical education;
  2. Health policies and systems research; policy implementation dialogue through transformative health workforce education website (www.whoeducationguidelines.org) and its digitial media strategy as part of implementation of 2013 WHO resolution 66.23 ’Transforming health workforce education in support of Universal Health Coverage’
  3. Production and roll out of WHO eBook on the social determinants of health, including regional workshops
  4. Agile development of WHO UNICEF eBook on Nutrition