Morning Medical Update: Dr. Jomella Watson-Thompson on ThrYve

Homicide is the leading cause of death for African American youth in the United States. Colleagues with the Center for Community Health and Development in partnership with other academic and community partners are working to change it. In this interview with Dr. Stites on the University of Kansas Health System’s Morning Medical Update, Dr. Jomella Watson-Thompson, Dr. Robert Winfield, Juliann Vanliew, Damon Daniel, and Olivia Desmarais discuss the Youth Violence Prevention Center-Kansas City, a CDC National Center of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention (one of 5 in the nation) and efforts to evaluate, examine, and offer supports to address youth violence in our communities. ThrYve is a comprehensive approach working collaboratively with more than 40 partners to bring about change and improvement in the region. Learn more at

"Jomella Watson-Thompson being interviewed on the program."


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