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WorkStations provide customized, integrated supports for collaboration, communication, and co-learning within and among community initiatives. They provide online access to support tools, shared materials, contacts, success stories, and other resources.

WorkStation features can include:

  • Customizable look to fit your group (e.g., its logo, mission, colors)
  • Document Sharing - a library and check-out system to post and collaborate on documents
  • Calendar/ event registration feature compatible with Microsoft Outlook
  • Announcements - set email alerts to let collaborators know what's new
  • Shared Contacts with your collaborators
  • Online Discussion Board - post and respond to ideas and topics
  • Social Media Feeds for an interactive connection to your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Success Stories - a blog feature, either public or private
  • Capacity Building Tools - a list of online resource links
  • Photo Gallery to share important images about the group
  • Project Management feature to help you track important tasks and their progress
  • Ask an Advisor - a feature of the Community Tool Box

Additional integrated, unique features (at an optional extra cost) can include:

  • Community Check Box to record, graph, analyze, and report information to different stakeholders
  • Online ticket system to request and track technical assistance

Content of the WorkStations can be transparent or secure, depending on your needs. Users log in with usernames and passwords to upload information (such as a document or a calendar entry). Content can easily be designated public or private (with the ability to give access by group or by individual). Additionally, users can easily make automated requests to the administrator for enhanced access.

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Screencap of Douglas County Healthy Youth Coaltion homepage

Example #1

Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition


Screencap of the ThrYve WorkStation homepage

Example #2

ThrYve: Together Helping Reduce Youth Violence for Equity

ThrYve Site

Community WorkStation users include

  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations
  • Foundations and their grantees
  • Statewide systems for improving population health and well-being
  • National initiatives and their regional partners
  • Global health initiatives

"This is perfectly aligned to fit [our project's] needs. I didn’t realize this technology already existed!"
- Director of a multi-site national initiative

"I consider the WorkStation and [Community Check Box] invaluable one-stop shopping for user-friendly supports. We have one-click access to a shared repository of information. Our project team and our grantee communities are spread out across the state. Given this geographic dispersal, we need a central location for information and a tool that supports communication, accessing resources, and managing timelines, and the WorkStation made that possible."
- Consultant for substance abuse prevention efforts​

"If we had had this all along, we would have been so much better organized. Thank you, thank your team."
- WorkStation user involved with a multi-site prevention effort​


For more information about how to obtain a customized WorkStation for your initiative, please contact us: