Holt, C. M., Fawcett, S. B., Schultz, J. A., Berkowitz, B., Wolff, T. J., Francisco, V. T. (2013). Building Community Practice Competencies
Globally through the Community Tool Box. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 4(4), 1-8. Retrieved Day/Month/Year,
from (


People throughout the world are working together to improve conditions in which they live. Although the issues and resources vary by context,
what people actually do to effect change—core competencies of assessment, planning, action, evaluation, and sustainability—may be quite similar.
To examine what competencies may be most valued in community practice, this report uses data analytics for what users are accessing in the Community
Tool Box This free resource for community health and development, with over 1.7 million unique visitors annually from over 200
countries, showed a six-fold increase in users during the past year (from November 2011 to November 2012). When we examined what users were accessing,
the results showed greater interest in some particular competencies such as assessing community needs and resources, developing strategic and
action plans, and enhancing cultural competence. Patterns of use suggest that there may be core competencies valued by community members seeking to
change conditions and outcomes that matter, which may help inform training and professional development for the millions of people worldwide working to
promote health, human development, and social justice.

Keywords: Global competencies, capacity-building tools, community practice, workforce development, dissemination, online tools, Community Tool Box