Paine-Andrews, A., Vincent, M.L., Fawcett, S.B., Campuzano, M.K., Harris, K.J., Lewis, R.K., Williams, E.L., & Fisher, J.L. (1996). Replicating a community initiative for preventing adolescent pregnancy: From South Carolina to Kansas. Family and Community Health, 19(1), 14-30.


This article describes a replication of the School/Community Sexual Risk Reduction Model for adolescent pregnancy prevention in several Kansas communities. The model was implemented initially in tow communities in South Carolina. First, we describe the School/Community Model - its history, major program components, evaluation results, and the conceptual framework for the Kansas replication. Second, we describe the School/Community Sexual Risk Reduction Replication Initiative, including the collaborators, early implementation, strategies for grantmaking, contexts and sites, technical assistance and evaluation, and reinvention of the model. We conclude with a discussion of the challenges and opportunities of replicating broad-scale community initiatives for preventing adolescent pregnancy.