Our center offers a variety of publications to support the work of promoting community health and development. The selected articles, book chapters, and practical products below illustrate our work developing frameworks and practical methods for participatory evaluation, intervention research, and application with community initiatives.

Community Tool Box

Community Tool Box (website)

Frameworks and Models for Building Healthier Communities

Strengthening collaborative engagement for community health and development  [Citation]

Conceptualizing a public health prevention intervention for bridging the 30 million word gap (2017)  [Citation]

Sleep environment risks for younger and older infants (2014)  [Citation]

Building multisectoral partnerships for population health and health equity (2010)  [Citation]

Constructing an action agenda for community empowerment (2010)  [Citation]

A framework for community mobilization to promote healthy youth development (2008)  [Citation]

Understanding and improving the work of community health and development (2004)  [Citation]

Evaluating comprehensive community initiatives: a bill of rights and responsibilities (2002)  [Citation]

Building healthy communities (2000)  [Citation]

A model memorandum of collaboration: a proposal (2000)  [Citation & Abstract]

A review of collaborative partnerships as a strategy for improving community health (2000)  [Citation & Abstract]

Lessons on community organization and change (1999)  [Citation]

Using empowerment theory in collaborative partnerships for community health and development (1995)  [Citation & Abstract]

Promoting health through community development (1993)  [Citation]

Values guiding community research and action (1991)  [Citation & Abstract]

Emerging standards for community research and action (1990)  [Citation]


Methods of Participatory Research, Intervention, and Capacity Building

Association between community characteristics and implementation of community programmes and policies addressing childhood obesity: the Healthy Communities Study (2018)  [Citation]

Measuring the intensity of community programs and policies for preventing childhood obesity in a diverse sample of US communities: the Healthy Communities Study (2018)  [Citation]

Participatory monitoring and evaluation of community health initiatives using the Community Check Box Evaluation System (2018)  [Citation]

Improving community readiness for change through coalition capacity building: evidence from a multisite intervention (2017)  [Citation]

Measuring community programs and policies in the Healthy Communities Study (2015)  [Citation]

Using action planning to build organizational capacity for the prevention of intimate partner violence (2015)  [Citation]

Developing an academic community partnership to promote soccer-based physical activity among Latino youth (2014)  [Citation]

Building community practice competencies globally through the Community Tool Box (2013)  [Citation & Abstract]

Disseminating online tools for building capacity among community practitioners (2013)  [Citation]

Enhancing the capacity of substance abuse prevention coalitions through training and technical assistance (2013)  [Citation]

Measuring progress of collaborative action in a community health effort (2013)  [Citation]

Participatory monitoring and evaluation within a statewide support system to prevent adolescent substance abuse (2013)  [Citation]

Participatory research and capacity building for community health and development (2013)  [Citation]

Supporting a community-based participatory evaluation approach to violence prevention in Kansas City (2013)  [Citation]

A case study of use of data for participatory evaluation within a statewide system to prevent substance abuse (2009) [Citation & Abstract]

Supporting participatory evaluation using the Community Tool Box Online Documentation System (2008)  [Citation & Abstract]

Using internet technology for capacity development in communities: the case of the Community Tool Box (2008)  [Citation]

Building capacity for participatory evaluation within community initiatives (2003)  [Citation & Abstract]

Using information systems to build capacity: a Public Health Improvement Tool Box (2003)  [Citation & Abstract]

Using internet-based tools to build capacity for community-based participatory research and other efforts to promote community health and development (2002)  [Citation]

The Community Tool Box: a web-based resource for building healthier communities (2000)  [Citation & Abstract]

The Community Tool Box: using the Internet to support the work of community health and development (2000) [Citation]

Evaluating community initiatives for health and development (1997)  [Citation]

Assessing community health concerns and implementing a microgrant program for self-help initiatives (1994)  [Citation]

Empowering community health initiatives through evaluation (1994)  [Citation]

A methodology for monitoring and evaluating community health coalitions (1993)  [Citation & Abstract]


Illustrative Case Studies and Applications

Evaluating implementation of the Ebola response in Margibi County, Liberia (2018)  [Citation]

The longitudinal relationship between community programmes and policies to prevent childhood obesity and BMI in children: the Healthy Communities Study (2018)  [Citation]

Community programs and policies to prevent obesity and child adiposity (2017)  [Citation]

Examining the contributions of a community coalition in addressing urban health determinants (2017)  [Citation]

Monitoring and evaluating the Ebola response effort in two Liberian communities (2017)  [Citation]

Measuring the implementation and effects of a coordinated care model featuring diabetes self-management education within four patient-centered medical homes (2015)  [Citation]

An empirical case study of the effects of training and technical assistance on community coalition functioning and sustainability (2014)  [Citation]

Community-based participatory research within the Latino Health for All Coalition (2013)  [Citation & Abstract]

Participatory monitoring and evaluation within a statewide support system to prevent adolescent substance abuse (2013)  [Citation]

Promoting sustainability of community health initiatives: an empirical case study (2013) [Citation & Abstract]

The Enough Abuse Campaign: building the movement to prevent child sexual abuse in Massachusetts (2012)  [Citation & Abstract]

An empirical case study of a child sexual abuse prevention initiative in Georgia (2011)  [Citation]

Implementing community-based participatory research with two ethnic minority communities in Kansas City, Missouri (2009)  [Citation]

Analyzing a community-based coailtion's efforts to reduce health disparities and the risk for chronic disease in Kansas City, Missouri (2007)  [Citation & Abstract]

Analyzing the contribution of community change to population health outcomes in an adolescent pregnancy prevention initiative (2002)  [Citation & Abstract]

Measuring the health environment for physical activity and nutrition among youth: a review of the literature and applications for community initiatives (2000)  [Citation & Abstract]

Some experiential lessons in supporting and evaluating community-based initiatives for preventing adolescent pregnancy (2000)  [Citation & Abstract]

Effects of a replication of a multicomponent model for preventing adolescent pregnancy in three Kansas communities (1999)  [Citation & Abstract]

Reducing the risk for adolescent pregnancy: evaluation of a school/community partnership in a midwestern military community (1999)  [Citation & Abstract]

Community partnerships: a review of selected models and evaluation of two case studies (1997)  [Citation & Abstract]

Evaluating a statewide partnership for reducing risks for chronic diseases (1997)  [Citation & Abstract]

Evaluating community coalitions for prevention of substance abuse: the case of Project Freedom (1997)  [Citation & Abstract]

Reducing elementary school children's risks for chronic diseases through school lunch modifications, nutrition education, and physical activity interventions (1997)  [Citation & Abstract]

Replicating a community initiative for preventing adolescent pregnancy: from South Carolina to Kansas (1996)  [Citation & Abstract]


Community Health Assessments and Improvement Plans

Our center employs a multi-method, collaborative approach to assessing community needs and resources and planning for community health improvement. The featured reports below illustrate our work to help communities collaboratively assess and plan for creating conditions for health.

Community Health Assessments

Wyandotte County Community Health Assessment - Executive Summary (2018) (pdf)

Wyandotte County Community Health Assessment (2018) (pdf)

Douglas County Community Health Assessment (2017) (pdf)

KC Violence & Trauma Response Network Needs Assessment (2016) (pdf)

Geary County Community Health Assessment (2014) (pdf)

Douglas County Community Health Assessment (2012) (pdf)

Wyandotte County Health Assessment Report (2012) (pdf)

Community Health Improvement Plans

Wyandotte County Maternal and Child Health Improvement Plan (2020-2025) (pdf)

Wyandotte County Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) (2018-2023) (pdf)

Douglas County Community Health Plan (2018) (pdf)

Roadmap to a Healthier Douglas County (2013-2018) (pdf)

Evaluation Reports

2014 Aim4Peace Annual Evaluation Report (pdf)


Planning Guides and Handbooks

Community and Public Health

Reducing Risk for Chronic Disease: An Action Planning Guide for Community-Based Initiatives (pdf)

Promoting Health for All: An Action Planning Guide for Improving Access and Eliminating Disparities in Community Health (pdf)

Promoting Healthy Living and Preventing Chronic Disease: An Action Planning Guide for Communities (pdf)

Child and Youth Health and Development

Preventing Adolescent Substance Abuse: An Action Planning Guide for Community-Based Initiatives (pdf)

Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy: An Action Planning Guide for Community-Based Initiatives (pdf)

Preventing Youth Violence: An Action Planning Guide for Community-Based Initiatives (pdf)

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect: An Action Planning Guide for Community-Based Initiatives (pdf)

Youth Development: An Action Planning Guide for Community-Based Initiatives (pdf)

Community Development and Capacity Building

Concerns Report Handbook: Our Concerns Report Handbook (pdf)

Promoting Child Well-Being: An Action Planning Guide for Community-Based Initiatives (pdf)

Promoting Urban Neighborhood Development: An Action Planning Guide for Improving Housing, Jobs, Education, Safety and Health, and Human Development (pdf)

Work Group Evaluation Handbook (pdf)

Your Action Planning Guide for Promoting Full Community Participation Among People with Disabilities: A Resource for Independent Living Centers and Other Community-based Initiatives (pdf)

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